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Berlin, MD: Historically Charming ... Artistically Alive!

Back in the late 18th century, there was a tavern which sat at the intersection of two crossroads on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The "Burleigh Inn" was, as local folklore tells, the beginning of the eventual portmanteau of our town, more commonly known today as just Berlin.


The community of Berlin has worked tirelessly to save its small town charm and its historic downtown facades while emerging as a budding arts and entertainment locale. Located approximately 10 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, Berlin is also frequent stop for tourists headed into or out of Ocean City, Maryland. The shopping and dining options in Berlin are first-rate!


 For more than 10 years now, Berlin, Maryland has been a state recognized Arts and Entertainment District. We are constantly seeking ways to support artists and implement public art into our way of life here.

Berlin, MD: An Art and Entertainment District at the Beach!

In the State of Maryland, there are twenty-four different Arts & Entertainment Districts. The purpose of an A&E District is to engage a community and revitalize it in ways that involve and promote the arts and creative enterprises. There are also some pretty neat tax incentives, too!


For artists who chose to live in and/or work in an A&E District like Berlin, there are tax benefits available on income made from producing and selling work. Of course, there's lot of fine print to read, but it's worth a look! Here are links to the Maryland Tax forms - you'll need a 502 or 505 to go along with your 502AE.


- Form 502 (for MD residents)

- Form 505 (for non-MD residents)

- Form 502AE (form for income subtraction)


Also, the Annapolis A&E District has a great FAQ on this very subject. Check it out!